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Not all Property Managers are the same

We offer the finest service available in the district.

We must do this as our core business is rentals. This is not a sideline to sales. It is our careers. Our staff are full time, fully trained senior staff that fully understand your position as they are all personally involved in property management. Our entire team is dedicated to providing extraordinary client excellence.

John West keeps the best… so do we!

Our marketing is widespread and well established, attracting 89% of all tenants. This means we can be far more selective than most part time managers.

We have dedicated rental display windows, changed daily. Our diamond “For Rent” signs are prominent, recognised and successful.

We don’t just have an internet site, it works and is updated almost daily, along with a balanced media campaign both locally and interstate.

We reject many more applications than we approve due to poor credit history, a history of damaged property, insufficient income or weak references.

We use:

  • Tenant Information Centre of Australia
  • Barclays National Credit Bureau
  • RPData Tenant Checking System
  • Plus our own 100 Point Check System

Guess where the bad tenants go?

To weak managers or private landlords

You will hear that we are too tough…too fussy. Some tenants even refuse to rent from us (or is it us refusing them?). Many previous tenants return to us as landlords: they KNOW from experience we look after our owner’s property. We are tough on bad tenants. 98% of our tenants enjoy peace and participate in our weekly, monthly and quarterly award system for looking after our owner’s properties. The majority of our tenants are considered gold card by the industry, state wide. Because we look after so many tenants we have previous knowledge of many tenant’s history.

We have a secret weapon!

We are the only firm, locally, that has a full time property inspector on the road every day checking that our owner’s properties are being well looked after. All properties are inspected internally 4 times each year and a report forwarded along with recommendations to maintain it.Most properties would also have 4 to 5 external checks each year as we drive by.

We don’t help thieves with keys

Keys are not handed out to people we don’t know. All tenant inspections are escorted by our staff. We learn a little more about them and actively sell the rental, not hope they take it.

  • We will do everything possible to obtain the highest possible return for you
  • We will secure the best tenant possible on your behalf
  • We will not knowingly take any action that causes you legal liability
  • We will not cause any action that will expose you to any fines under the Act
  • We will have your rents deposited promptly, generally on the first of the month
  • We will communicate with you promptly and honestly
  • We will follow your instructions without fail
  • We will give any contact by you, priority over all other calls
  • We will act at all times in your interest exclusively
  • We will never exceed our authority for any expenditure

If you would like to speak to one of our team about any other information or to organise an appraisal please contact us

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